[Warner Sanctuary, Michigan]

When Ross contacted me about his plan for proposing to Caitlin, I was SO excited to be apart of it! Ross and Caitlin have been friends of mine for a very long time and we all knew it was just a matter of time until Ross proposed. He and Caitlin have such a loving relationship and truly treasure each other. 

While Caitlin was at work, I met with Ross, Caitlin's best friend Lainey, and Caitlin's parents at Warner Sanctuary- Which is one of Michigan's random wooded sanctuaries out in the middle of nowhere... and like most random places in the middle of nowhere, it's BEAUTIFUL! 

Ross has kept tons of sentimental mementos and reminders of inside jokes throughout his relationship with Caitlin, his plan was to set them up in designated spots throughout the woods for her to stumble upon on their walk later that day. His first spot was a Ben & Jerry's Phish Food container full of memories, including the first necklace she made him, notes, and a ticket from their first concert.  

Our walk continued with a few more stops to set up sweet memories, and some stops for Caitlin's mom to cry, of course.

We came up to a bridge where Ross set up a can of memories and a scrap book that Caitlin had made him. Seriously? How CUTE are these two!? 

Caitlin & Ross recently moved back to Michigan from Alaska, so Ross dedicated the next part of the journey to their time spent there. He wrote down memories and inside jokes on different parts of maps  and pinned them to the trees. 

untitled shoot-00676.jpg

The last stop was all about Caitlin & Ross' sweet baby girl who is due this summer. He placed her ultrasound photos on a circle of trees with a wooden whale toy in the center.

We ended on a bridge where Ross prepared and discussed the actual proposal- and where Caitlin's family & friends would be waiting to surprise her. 

A few hours later, a big group of us met back at the bridge to wait for Ross and Caitlin to arrive at the end of their walk. It was timed SO perfectly. Caitlin's parents were there waiting at the end of the bridge to greet them and Caitlin was SHOCKED!

untitled shoot-00714.jpg
untitled shoot-00722.jpg
untitled shoot-00754.jpg

Congratulations to Ross & Caitlin- I feel so honored to have been able to capture and witness such a beautiful and romantic proposal! You two were made for each other!